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Development of a High Performance Centrifugal Compressor using a 3D Inverse Design Technique

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Diesel engines developed to meet future US and European emissions regulations place an unprecedented demand on compressor performance in terms of pressure ratio and flow range capability. Additionally, the direct impact compressor efficiency has on engine fuel consumption means that the new generation of centrifugal compressors designed for Turbochargers will have to meet very demanding efficiency targets. Cummins Turbo Technologies have been exploring the application of inverse design techniques for improved compressor efficiency and pressure ratio.

This paper describes the application of 3D inverse design method TURBOdesign1 to a centrifugal compressor wheel. The main features of the inverse design method and its design parameters are described.

Development of a High Performance Centrifugal Compressor Cover

In this publication, you will:

  1. Discover the design technics to achieve a high performance centrifugal compressor while maintaining or slightly improving the compressor’s stable operating range.
  2. See an efficient alternative for designing high performance centrifugal compressors which help to improve turbocharger efficiency and boost as well BSFC of heavy-duty diesel engines.
  3. Understand the advantage of using a 3D Inverse Design method in this project (improvements in stage efficiency, pressure ratio...).