Optimizing Engineering Workflows for Propulsion System Design with Ansys, Flownex, and TURBOdesign

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As we look at new off-world destinations and applications, our launch-vehicle designs constantly need to evolve. Each component will need to be optimized for their purpose and the mission. Modern cryogenic turbopumps consist of many complex components, and it is necessary to model and iterate these component's design early on in the development of new cycles. 1D system simulation and 3D component simulation, alongside rapid, optimized, component design enables engineers to develop new turbopump engines with a high degree of accuracy and confidence.

In this joint webinar presented by ADT and PADT, we will present a workflow for design of cryogenic turbopumps. Flownex is chosen for thermal-fluid simulation of the entire propulsion system. ADT's unique 3D inverse design method, TURBOdesign Suite, will rapidly generate operational maps and optimum 3D geometry of the turbopump. ANSYS CFX is used for evaluating designs and obtaining the full map of the turbopump. ANSYS Workbench with TURBOdesign Suite embedded provides an integrated approach to make the turbopump more compact.

For this analysis, we will use the well-known RS25 Space Shuttle Main Engine. We start with a model of the entire engine in Flownex and then focus on the main Oxidizer pump. This is a double suction pump with inducer - initially represented as a basic centrifugal pump in Flownex. Then, TURBOdesign Suite is used to create an initial pump stage that meets the main requirements in terms of head, flow and efficiency as determined in Flownex. The performance of this initial stage is analysed by ANSYS CFX at design and off-design conditions, using single phase and 2 phase analysis. Then, the pump stage is redesigned with the goal of making the pump more compact while meeting the required duty points. The generated maps are fed back into Flownex to allow for high fidelity full-system transient simulation.

Who is it for?

The event addresses all engineers: mission, systems, design, and simulation.


Meet the Speakers

Miles PADT1


Miles Adkins

Thermal-Fluids Simulation Engineer at PADT, Inc.


Prof. Mehrdad Zangeneh

Founder & Director of Advanced Design Technology
Professor at University College London



Jim Sanford

Vice President of Sales and Support at PADT, Inc.