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Optimization Design of a Reversible Pump-turbine Runner with High Efficiency and Stability

Written by Baoshan Zhu, Xuhe Wang, ,Lei Tan, , Dongyue Zhou, Yue Zhao & Shuliang Cao

What's inside?

This paper looks at the Optimization Design of a Reversible Pump-turbine Runner. In this study, a multiobjective optimization design system, including a 3D inverse design, computational fluid dynamics, design of experiment,response  surface methodology, and multiobjective genetic algorithm, is introduced and applied to the design of a middle-high-head pumpeturbine runner. 





In this publication, you will:

  1. Learn how a multi-objective optimization design system that includes 3D Inverse Design is applied to a pump-turbine runner
  2. Understand the challenges of designing runners that operate as both a pump and a turbine
  3. Discover the correlation between input parameters and the resulting trade-offs