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A Viscous Transonic Inverse Design Method for Turbomachinery Blades - Part I: 2D Cascades

Written by Prof. M. Zangeneh and W.T. Tiow, Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University College London.

What's inside?

An inverse design methodology is presented for the design of turbomachinery blades using a cell-vertex finite volume time-marching algorithm in transonic viscous flow. In this method the blade shape is designed subject to a specified distribution of pressure loading (the difference in pressure across the blade) and thickness distribution.

A simple and fast iterative scheme is proposed for automatically finding a suitable pressure loading that will provide a specified flow turning (or specific work). The method, therefore, can be applied to the design of new blade geometry without any need to supple information on the initial blade geometry or the blade loading corresponding to an existing design.

A Viscous Transonic Inverse Design Method for Turbomachinery Blades Cover

In this publication, you will:

  1. Discover the Inverse Design procedure to quickly and easily design turbomachinery blades.
  2. See how the accuracy of the inverse procedure is verified by designing the stator blade from the computed pressure loading.
  3. Understand why such an approach leads to a substantial reduction of the computational cost compared to the direct method.