TURBOdesign Suite 2021R2 Release

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In this webinar, we will review the major new features and enhancements in 2021R2 release. A major theme of 2021R1 release was the release of the new robust solver for TURBOdesign1. Initially, this was released only for full bladed configuration in ideal gas. But in this release, the robust solver is extended to splitters and real gas applications. Other important improvement in TURBOdesign1 relates to further extension of the reverse engineering function by directly enabling reading of the xyz profile geometry or turbogrid files for full blades or splitter configuration. The post-processing is also now further enhanced by allowing the functionality to export any plot data as *.csv file.

Significant work has been done to improve the loss predictions models in TURBOdesign Pre for centrifugal pumps, including improvements to the leakage loss models. Also, TURBOdesign Pre module for compressor now provides map of power versus flow rate.

TURBOdesign Volute has undergone major enhancements in solver and CAD export functionality. The solver will now handle real gas look up tables using RGP file as used by TURBOdesign Pre, TURBOdesign1 and ANSYS CFX. Also, we will demonstrate a new reverse engineering functionality in TURBOdesign Volute.

The new functionalities and enhancements are demonstrated with different application during the webinar. Furthermore, we will preview the new expert system functionality being planned for TURBOdesign Optima that will automatically set the range of design parameters for optimization in such a way that very high accuracy surrogate models can be obtained without large data sets.TDS Release_Interface 2021

Who is it for?

The event addresses all engineers, developers or researchers dealing with turbomachinery design.
The method is interesting for small and medium companies as well as enterprises.

What awaits you?

In this webinar we will show the major features and enhancements: further enhancement to robust solver for Splitter blades, real gas model extension to impellers with splitter blades, enhancement in efficiency and leakage models in the meanline code for centrifugal pumps, enhancement to reverse engineering system allowing direct reading of xyz files for all types of blades, major improvements in TURBOdesign Volute including real gas look up table functionality, export of all plots as CSV files, preview of the new expert system for automatic optimization set up.

Meet the Speaker


Prof. Mehrdad Zangeneh

Founder & Director of Advanced Design Technology
Professor at University College London