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On the Role of Three-Dimensional Inverse Design Methods in Turbomachinery Shape Optimization

Written by Prof. M. Zangeneh, A. Goto and H. Harada.

What's inside?

In this paper, the potential of a 3D inverse design method, in which the blade geometry is computed for a specified circulation distribution (directly related to blade loading), as a means of using the flow information obtained from CFD predictions and detailed measurements to effect systematic improvements in turbomachinery design has been explored.


The performance of an inverse designed pump stage has been measured and compared with that of a high-performance conventional stage and a 5.3% improvement in stage efficiency was found at the design conditions with appreciable improvements at off-design.

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In this publication, you will:

  1. Understand the use of 3D flow field information to modify and improve the blade geometry.
  2. Learn how the combination of CFD methods together with the 3D inverse design method can help designers employ their insight into the 3D flow of turbomachinery vanes and blades for systematic optimization of the blade geometry.
  3. See how the 3D inverse design method can also play a very important role in the field of automatic shape optimization in cases such as multipoint design, where it is very difficult to know the best choice of design specification.