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Application of 3D Inverse Design Method on a Transonic Compressor Stage

Written by Dr. Luying Zhang, Saurya Ranjan Ray and Prof. Mehrdad Zangeneh from Advanced Design Technology Ltd.

What's inside?

This paper was presented at the 2022 ASME Turbo Expo and explores a three-dimensional viscous inverse design method.

The blade geometry is parameterized by aerodynamic variables such as blade loading, which allows direct control of the aerodynamic flow field. With a specified stacking axis and thickness distribution, the algorithm solves the flow field and blade geometry iteratively until the prescribed blade loading is matched. Meanwhile, the fast turn-around time of the inverse design method enables a substantial reduction of time and computational resources, which is particularly advantageous when the product development period is limited.



A detailed flow field is obtained and compared to the baseline design. The loss reduction mechanism is analyzed by using entropy production rate to better understand the design impact.

In this publication, you will:

  1. Discover how the 3D viscous inverse design method is applied to redesign a transonic compressor stage rotor.
  2. Understand how the redesigned compressor reduces the shock strength and the induced flow loss in the tip region through blade loading control.
  3. See how the redesigned stage improved the interaction between the shock wave, the tip clearance flow, and the boundary layer flow in the tip region, which is crucial for compressor performance and operational stability.