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Choice of Optimum Blade Loading in Application of 3D Inverse Design to Design of Pumps and Fans

Written by Prof. Mehrdad Zangeneh from Advanced Design Technology Ltd.

What's inside?

In this paper, the application of the method and the process of arriving at optimum blade loading in various applications is described with reference to the flow physics.

The applications include suppression of secondary flows in mixed flow and radial impellers, suppression of corner separation in pump vaned bowl diffusers, control of cavitation in pumps, and finally noise reduction in an axial flow fan is described.


HubDB Choice of Blade Loading Paper

Knowledge of flow physics and CFD results can be used to guide the choice of the main input specification for a 3D inverse design code TURBOdesign1.

In this publication, you will:

  1. Discover how the 3D inverse design inviscid compressible method and an optimum blade loading are applied to multiple fan and pump applications.
  2. Understand how a large design space can easily be explored to effectively optimize the meridional geometry and the blade shapes.
  3. See how this method can maximise the efficiency and minimize/suppress common flow phenomena.