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Hydraulic Development of High Specific-Speed Pump-Turbines by means of an Inverse Design Method, Numerical Flow-Simulation (CFD) and Model Testing

Written by P. Kerschberger and A. Gehrer (Andritz Hydro Graz).

What's inside?

In recent years an increased interest in pump-turbines has been recognized in the market. The rapid availability of pumped storage schemes and the benefits to the power system by peak lopping, providing reserve and rapid response for frequency control are becoming of growing advantage. Within the present study a runner-blade profile for a low head pumpturbine has been developed. This paper has been presented during the 25th IAHR Symposium on Hydraulic Machinery and Systems.


The progress in hydraulic design is demonstrated by model test results which show a significant improvement in hydraulic performance compared to an existing reference design.

Hydraulic Development of High Specific-Speed Pump-Turbines Cover

In this publication, you will:

  1. Understand why the overall operating range of pump-turbines is determined by various different flow conditions.
  2. Learn how to perform computational methods and use the 3D Inverse Design method to generate the initial blade designs.
  3. See the advantage of using a three-dimensional based approach in this project, which enables engineers to use fewer and effective parameters.