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The Contribution of Low-head Pumped Hydro Storage to a Successful Energy Transition

From ALPHEUS project H2020.

What's inside?

ADT is one of ALPHEUS project partner: a €5m project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 program. It will improve reversible pump/turbine (RPT) technology and adjacent civil structures needed to make pumped hydro storage economically viable in shallow seas and coastal environments with flat topography. The ALPHEUS project will introduce a lowhead PHS for a relatively flat topography.

In this paper, a gridforming controlled inverter coupled with low-head PHS that can contribute to the grid stability is introduced, emphasising its ability to provide different AS, especially frequency control, through the provision of synthetic system inertia, as well as fast Frequency Containment Reserves (fFCR).


The performance of the new impeller was measured and then compared with three other impellers, one conventional and two experimental. The new impeller performed substantially better than all the baseline turbines and showed a 5% improvement in the total-to-static efficiency over the conventional turbine.

Contribution of Low-head Pumped Hydro Storage to a Successful Energy Transition Cover

In this publication, you will:

  1. Learn the design challenges to introduce a new storage system which will serve as new flexibility option contributing to the
    security of supply and grid stability with the advantage to provide vital AS, and thus, promoting the energy transition in the EU.
  2. Understand how engineers will design the turbine, the project will investigate new contra-rotating reversible pump turbines with an overall round-trip efficiency of 70-80%.
  3. Discover how the devised new optimal machine-side control methods will make the energy flow highly efficient and dynamic.