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Multi-Point Optimisation of an Industrial Centrifugal Compressor with Return Channel by 3D Inverse Design

Written by Dr. Jiangnan Zhang, Pedro Gomes, A. Paralta, and Prof. Mehrdad Zangeneh from Advanced Design Technology Ltd.

What's inside?

This paper was exhibited at the Turbomachinery Society of Japan in 2017 and it explores a complete multipoint optimisation methodology about the meridional geometry and the blade loading (blade shapes) of the impeller, the vaned diffuser, crossover bend and the vaned return channel using 3D inverse design method, DOE (Design of Experiments), Kriging RSM (Response Surface Model) and MOGA.

In this method, the flow field is divided into a mean flow part and a periodic flow part. The mean flow equation is solved by using Stokes stream function for axial axial-symmetric flow. The periodic flow equation is solved by using discrete Fourier transformation. 


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The final optimal design shows improved flow field in all components and around 1% efficiency
improvement in a wide operating range based on CFD.

In this publication, you will:

  1. Discover how the 3D inverse design inviscid compressible method is applied to design the different components of an industrial centrifugal compressor.
  2. Understand how a large design space can easily be explored to effectively optimize the meridional geometry and the blade shapes.
  3. See how this method can maximise the efficiency at two operating points.