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Multidisciplinary Optimization of a High-Speed Low Pressure Turbine Rotor Using 3D Inverse Design Method

Written by Dr. Luying Zhang, and Prof. Mehrdad Zangeneh from Advanced Design Technology Ltd.

What's inside?

This paper was presented at the 2023 ASME Turbo Expo and explores a fast automated optimization workflow using a 3D inverse design method coupled with a
multi-objective genetic algorithm.

The inverse design method generates the blade geometry for a given specification of blade loading parameters and spanwise work distribution. It can explore a large design space with fewer design parameters compared to direct design methods where the blade geometries are parameterized by geometrical variables. The maximum thickness and stacking can also be varied during the optimization. Both the blade geometry and the 3D inviscid flow field are provided by the inverse design solver.


Multidisciplinary optimization, low pressure turbine, high-speed turbine, aerodynamic design

By properly selecting the constraints and objectives, better aerodynamic performance can be achieved from the blade optimization.

In this publication, you will:

  1. Discover how the 3D inverse design method coupled with a multi-objective genetic algorithm is applied to redesign a high-speed low pressure turbine rotor.
  2. Understand why the centrifugal and bending stresses are related to the blade geometry features, and how they can be optimised in the automated workflow without running time consuming CFD and FEA.
  3. See how CFD and FEA are only used to validate the output from the fast optimization process and how the results show improvement in efficiency without any increase in stresses.