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Tandem Blade Centrifugal Compressor Design Optimization with 3D Inverse Design

Written by Ricardo Oliveira, Luying Zhang from Advanced Design Technology Ltd and M. Zangeneh University College London, UK.

What's inside?

In this paper, a design workflow based on a 3D inverse design method is specifically assembled and applied to the tandem-blade design of centrifugal compressors. The blade geometry is controlled by imposing specified distributions of blade loading on tandem and main blades.



To take the advantage of the tandem blade design, a balance between different losses is needed. The inverse design-based optimization approach can effectively explore the design space and generate good quality candidates.

In this publication, you will:

  1. Learn how tandem-blade centrifugal compressors can provide performance improvements in relation to conventional full blade designs.
  2. Discover how 3D inverse design can be used to efficiently design centrifugal compressors with tandem-blade configuration.
  3. Understand how TURBOdesign1 and optimization can be used to explore the design space in order to quickly obtain optimised tandem-blade designs.