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Aerodynamic Design of a Radial Inlet Air Turbine Stage

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The customer, one of the leading suppliers for aerospace companies, asked ADT to carry out the complete aerodynamic design of a radial inflow turbine stage using inverse design approach available through the TURBOdesign Suite software. The turbine is to be used for expanding air to drop its temperature to very low value for a high altitude testing.

CFD analysis of the final design showed that the required mass flow, temperature and power specifications are met. FEA analysis carried out for the rotor blade showed that the maximum stresses in the blade are within allowable stresses for the selected material.

Aerodynamic Design of a Radial Inlet Air Turbine Stage Cover

In this consultancy summary, you will:

  1. Discover how to deliver the required mass flow of air at a required temperature keeping the power within limits at the given expansion ratio.
  2. See the inverse design approach to produce a properly sized volute for the turbine and to ensure that the performance requirements are met with in a couple of design iterations.
  3. Understand the design strategy of TURBOdesign Suite with TURBOdesign PRE, TURBOdesign1 & TURBOdesign Volute.