Learn about ADT and Come See our Paper!

Advanced Design Technology is a global market leader in turbomachinery design software. Our 3D Inverse Design technology optimizes performance, increases efficiency and reduces development time of turbomachinery components, including pumps, compressors, fans and turbines.

Learn more about our technology and the 3D Inverse Design method

You can find out more about us and the technology by coming to see Prof. Mehrdad Zangeneh present a paper called "Fast and Efficient Optimization Workflow for Turbomachinery".

The paper will be presented on Tuesday 3rd December 2019, you can find the abstract below. If you can't be at the conference, fill out the form at the top of the page and you'll receive an email with the paper as soon as the event is over.

Time Location Paper Title
10:10 - 10:00 Zurich 1 Fast and Efficient Optimization Workflow for Turbomachinery


This work presents an integrated optimization workflow for turbomachinery by coupling 3D inverse design and 3D CFD to perform multi-disciplinary, multi-objective and multi-point optimization of turbomachinery. The proposed workflow aims to reduce the computational requirements for turbomachinery optimization by a factor of 10, enabling automatic optimization to be part of routine turbomachinery design. A sample axial fan case will be used to demonstrate an efficient blade parameterization method in TURBOdesign1, automated workflow creation in TURBOdesign Link-CCM+ and 3D CFD in STAR-CCM+.  Aims of the optimization are to improve aerodynamic efficiency while also increasing the fan pressure rise.