A Novel Optimization of Transonic Centrifugal Impeller Based on 3D Inverse Design Approach

In this webinar, we will explore a novel design and optimisation strategy coupling the 3D inverse approach and DoE (design of experiment) study that is developed.

Achieving optimal performance in a centrifugal impeller requires precise blade profile parametrization. However, increasing the number of control parameters results in greater complexity and a higher demand for computational resources and time. 

While design methods and guidelines exist, the efficient and accurate optimization for product development remains challenging. This webinar presents a new strategy that combines a 3D inverse approach and DoE study for the redesign and optimization of a transonic centrifugal compressor.
CFD analysis confirmed that the redesigned compressor wheel has significant efficiency improvements and reduced leaking losses. Moreover, the computational time was reduced to just a few days on a 32-core computer. This approach can be extended to other machine types, offering fast and affordable optimization solutions for different machine types.

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Who is it for?

The event addresses all engineers, developers or researchers dealing with Turbomachinery Design.

3D geometry comparison of the baseline and optimized compressor wheels
Compressor map comparisons
Feasible solutions and Pareto front from direct
Mach number comparison between baseline and optimized design
Mach number comparison on the meridional plane between baseline and optimized design

Meet the Speakers


Dr. Peng Wang

General Manager at Advanced Design Technology (China)


Lorenzo Bossi

Chief Operating Officer at Advanced Design Technology 


Geet Nautiyal

Turbomachinery Design Engineer at Advanced Design Technology

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