Parametric Design and Optimization of a High Specific Speed Mixed-Flow Diffuser Pump for High Hydrodynamic and Suction Performance

High specific speed mixed-flow pumps are widely used at drainage pumping stations, power plants and in water-jet applications. Their design is considerably challenging since it is generally necessary to satisfy multiple performance objectives that are in relative trade-off. Furthermore, in addition to operating outside of the best efficiency region, the flow often approaches the impeller eye with low value of static pressure, leading the pump to operate under cavitating conditions.

In this webinar, we demonstrate how pump designers can exploit their knowledge of hydrodynamics to directly address specific flow phenomena in mixed-flow diffuser pumps using the inverse design approach. The design will be carried out in a parametric way where an initial pump configuration is generated first. Then, using the initial design as a baseline, the effect of five impeller design parameters will be investigated in a systematic way. Finally, the study will be used to determine the different, sometimes opposite, design settings which are required to maximize the suction performance and the hydrodynamic efficiency of the pump.

Who is it for?

The event addresses all engineers, developers or researchers dealing with turbomachinery design.

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Geet Nautiyal

Turbomachinery Design Engineer at Advanced Design Technology Ltd.


Lorenzo Bossi

Chief Operating Officer at Advanced Design Technology Ltd.

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