TURBOdesign Suite 2024.1 

In this webinar, we will review major new features and enhancements in TURBOdesign Suite 2024R1 release. A notable feature of the new release is a new manufacturing modification feature that can enable flow trimming and radial trimming. The flow trimming function uses the flow algorithm to predict the exact location of meridional geometry trim for a given flow reduction requirement. Another notable feature is the considerable speedup of the RGP file lookup table algorithm used in TURBOdesign Pre, TURBOdesign1 and TURBOdesign Volute.  The RGP lookup table enables the TURBOdesign Suite to be run for any type of real gas available in NIST REFPROP. 

TURBOdesign Pre has a new heat pump cycle code. This can read basic input requirements for the heat pump such as condenser and evaporator temperature and whether these is an economiser or not and then by coupling with the centrifugal compressor meanline code, it can provide a solution for the compressor stage for any working real gas substance.  There is also some enhancement to the chiller compressor cycle code. Furthermore, the automatic export of TURBOdesign1 geometry from the meanline code TURBOdesign Pre for centrifugal compressor now is benefiting from an optimized database of blade loading which should mean that the initial design in TURBOdesign1 should provide an optimized solution. TURBOdesign Pre for centrifugal pump now supports multistage configuration with return channel. Also TURBOdesign Suite now supports liquid RGP files for Liquid Hydrogen applications, especially for rockets. 

TURBOdesign1, in addition to the fast RGP lookup algorithm and new trimming function has a completely new workflow for manufacturing modification, including the functionality to map any thickness file to an existing geometry (existing camber).  In addition, the CAE integration function (which enables automatic running of any design in TURBOdesign1 in Siemens CCM+ and Ansys CFX and post processing of the data) is extended to calculate speed lines for centrifugal compressors as well as axial fans with or without big in-block/out-block domains. Also the CFD results are now brought back into the TURBOdesign1 project view. Further enhancements have been made to meridional geometry and meshing functions in TURBOdesign1. A new traffic light system is introduced based on deviation. The optimization function and CAE integration function in TURBOdesign1 gets further enhancement in the form of a duplicate button which can copy an existing setup. There are also improvements to the automatic machine learning range estimation system for optimization. 

TURBOdesign Volute gets more detailed control for overhung volutes as well as support for twin entry turbine volute applications. 

All TURBOdesign Suite modules can be automatically opened from windows by clicking on the files.  

Who is it for?

The event addresses all engineers, developers or researchers dealing with Turbomachinery Design.

New machine type for the meanline design of Heat Pump Cycle in TURBOdesign Pre
 3D compressor impeller blade design in TURBOdesign1
TURBOdesign CAE integration - CFX
3D streamlines for the impeller from CFD results

Meet the Speakers


Dr. Jiangnan Zhang

Engineering Services Manager at Advanced Design Technology


Prof. Mehrdad Zangeneh

Founder & Managing Director of Advanced Design Technology


Lorenzo Bossi

Chief Operating Officer at Advanced Design Technology

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